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      Not only the goods are important, but it is also important how you will display them!
      OFAYA Ltd.


      OFAYA Ltd. deals with furnishing shops and trade areas. The company was established in 2002 and it has proved to be a correct and reliable trade partner since then.

      The whole work and the large variety of products offered by the company are intended to facilitate your work and to help you with using the trade areas better.

      OFAYA Ltd. offers mannequins, hangers, stands, racks, tables and furniture which could help you to make your shop modern at good prices.

      OFAYA Ltd. offers to its customers preliminary visits to the shop and chance to make their own free design, as well.

      OFAYA Ltd. is direct importer of different sorts of furniture, metal constructions, mannequins and hangers. It also produces furniture of CHIPBOARDS, MEDIUM DENSITY FIBERBOARD and MASSIVE WOODEN MATERIAL. If customers wish, we could produce non-standard furniture, even on their own project. Moreover, you may choose colour, size and QUALITY of the mannequins, hangers, stands and racks we offer.

      OFAYA Ltd. offers a wide range of products:


      - HANGERS

      - STANDS

      - RACKS

      - SHELVES


      - ACCESSORIES for different types of furniture



      If your dream has come true and you plan to open a shop soon, please contact OFAYA Ltd.. Conforming with your own preferences, we will use our experience and perfectly trained staff so that we could make your shop modern and attractive.

      Best wishes for a fruitful cooperation.


  • OFAYA Ltd.
    Bulgaria, Sofia 1000
    151, Knyaz Boris I St

    Tel: +359/ 29832639, Fax: +359/ 29833323
    GSM: +359/ 888218588, +359/ 878218588
    E-MAIL: ofaya_decor@abv.bg